Strategic planning and its implementation are at the heart of how to make any change happen in your clinic.

Your clinic’s success and your personal success depend on how well you, and your team, define and live by each of the following concepts that I will discuss.

Start by answering why your business might want to embark on this journey of change.
Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ says that; desire is the key ingredient to change and success.

As the ‘Spice Girls’ used to sing; “You have to really, really want”to achieve your goals. So as much as you may wish you were increasing profits and having more holidays, just wishing will not create change.

We have heard it all before – that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Hill reminds us that ‘a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat’!

So, are you ready to change how you do business in 2017? Do you have the ‘passionate desire’ to write down your plan and actually implement it this year?

Do you want to ‘turn up the heat’ and have success and fun ‘doing business’ this year?

Let us create your Strategic Plan 2017 together.
Fetch your staff and each have a pencil and sheets of paper …..

As a team you can create your Strategic Plan. In fact companies whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy 29% greater return than other firms (Watson Wyatt Work Study). You have just recorded a 29% greater return by involving your staff. Congratulations!

Your Strategic Plan consists of:

1. A Vision for your clinic’s future. Write down what your clinic wants to become. Stretch your image of yourself. For example, “Year after year “Face and Body clinic” will be regarded as the provider of choice for all of Auckland”.

2. A Mission Statement; Write down what you do at work. A mission is a precise description of what your business does. Each of your team members should be able to express this mission when ever they are asked. For example “To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people” (Wal Mart, USA).

3. Values that shape your actions in clinic. Discuss in groups and then write down the traits or qualities that best represent your clinic’s driving force. These values may include teamwork, quality, respect, trust, communication, customer satisfaction, accountability, and competency. Perhaps you can vote on the top four that you will all embrace as a team in 2017 and put these on a chart in your clinic reception for you, your staff and customers to read.

4. Success Framework or Protocols. These shape the way you do your business. Write down the manner in which you will drive your vision. If your vision is to be the clinic of choice in Southland then how will that happen?
For example; How will you change the way you deliver your services, set out your reception, utilize the software data from your computer, measure financial gain, grow your staff educationally? Try this as an example to discuss with the team: ‘we will expand our customer base by utilizing a new referral reward system’.
Create this referral system with your staff and your accountant and remember to ‘Google’ for ideas! One year I asked my customers and I received amazing suggestions!
At this point you pause and thank your staff for their unique contributions. Allocate the task or creating a copy of the first four sessions to an able staff member. Now continue to session 5.

5. Action Plans or Goals. These are your Action Plans for each week to guide your daily and weekly results. These are the actions you are going to carry out to ensure your plan becomes reality.

This is the exact point where you could feel weak at the knees and cave in. All you positive thinking just stays on paper in the drawer or preferably saved on the computer. Remember when the going gets tough the tough get going! I suggest you start with a simple title in mind; Test and Measure.
Your measurement tools (key performance indicators) are provided very readily on you salon software programme. If you do not have a software programme email me. I will send you a hard copy measurement chart that you will use to start 2017 counting and measuring your operational data and staff performance.
Once you have completed a month of Test and Measure then you can start to write down the changes and new levels of performance you first, and then your staff will embrace and plan to achieve on a weekly basis.

Congratulations. I will look forward to hearing of your success The NZ Beauty Expo in Auckland, July 2017 or please email me your story to