Skin Fluorescence – A Journey beneath the Skin is a Trend in 2017.

Today, clients seeking professional skin care, are more knowledgeable, and have higher expectations of skin treatments and care products. Clients demand result orientated treatment and skin care plans and expect results to be documented and communicated.

Since the invention of the original Wood’s lamp by Robert William Wood in 1903, skin diagnosis based upon the fluorescence behaviour of skin tissue, has been well accepted in dermatology and cosmetic skin care for almost 105 years but has hardly changed. The slightly surreal glowing appearance of foliage in his photographs has been labelled the“Wood Effect”.

Recently new technology has been developed which brings this “Wood Effect” and Woods Lamp up to date and can be used in conjunction with the mobile computer technology such as smart phones and tablets/I-Pads being used today by skin care practitioners. The latest technology today; has five light modes available for skin diagnosis in the modern world of skin fluorescence.
1. Daylight
2. True UV
3. Woods
4. Cross –Polarized
5. Parallel-Polarized (unique to the Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device)

Skin diagnostic devices are of huge importance in 2017for skin care professionals who are serious about providing corrective skin care practices in their Salons, Spas and Clinics.
One cannot measure progress without knowing what the starting point is.
As practicing Beauty Therapists we know comprehensive Advanced Skin Analysis, including the use of diagnostic equipment, is a professional must.
Clients are expecting education and evidence based results.
The use of diagnostic equipment sets a professional standard, and clients clearly understand that results are the aim, and that they are expected to fulfill their part of the treatment plan.

While diagnostic equipment has become much more affordable and available to the Beauty Therapy / Spa industry, I understand that for some it must still be budgeted for. No documentation is however, not acceptable, because in the modern world of today you all have the capability to take base line /clinical photos in your pockets!
A smart phone is the minimum requirement and if nothing else you should at least be documenting with that.
A simple ruler is a fantastic tool to measure anomalies such as solar lentigenes, and you can also document what you see on a simple piece of paper, and I still encourage the last point even with advanced technology available.

Most importantly, learn what this means for your business in the future.

Now let us consider the value of Skin Analysis and technological advancements from a client/patients’ point of view
Clients’ question;what are the long-term benefits of using such technology?
Answer:Advanced Skin Analysis allows us; Dermal and Beauty Therapists,to evaluate your skin from the epidermal/dermal junction upwards and to provide you with proof,via clinicalphotos, of the potential concerns before they become visible on your skin’s surface. In the long term, this means that you can choose to use products or undergo treatments in Clinic that prevent these concerns becoming reality. This will help you maintain and improve the condition of your skin for years to come. Why waste time and money on products and treatments that will not fix your skin? Come into Clinic now and have an Advanced Skin analysis appointment with the latest technology available in Skin analysis.

Do offer every client a skin analysis and combine it with a skin analysisdevice. The clinical visuals allow you to see; not just what is on the visible surface of their skin, but what lies beneath the surface. Using UV and cross-polarized light, latest technology canreveal the colour, tone, texture, secretions and sun damage on your client/patients’ skin.

We all are aware of the essential benefits of a thorough one hour skin consultation. Let us refresh our memories as to the professional value of an advanced skin analysis. Imagine the information you will have at your fingertips, if you combine the consultation with the data gleaned from the latest OBSERV Technology!

Advanced Skin Analysis will determine the Client/Patient’s:

  • Genetic diagnosis
  • Client’s work/play lifestyle
  • Where they spent the first 20 years of their life
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Medical conditions/medicines
  • Possible allergies
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Nutritional choices
  • Current retail home care and beauty therapy treatments
  • Home care and beauty therapy treatment history
  • The “Where to Now?” plan for your client.
  • Their relationship with the Sun – are they a “sun bunny?”
  • Attitude to becoming a compliant client with the homecare and suggested lifestyle needs.

During a Skin Analysis Appointment the beauty therapist:

  • Will gather data and photograph most useful aspects of the epidermis: melanin, extra vascular matting, oxidative stress, skin texture and sebum (lipid) levels.
  • Will gather data on the client’s genetic history, nutrition & lifestyle, medical, and previous beauty therapy treatment history.
  • Will photo-document the client’s current skin situation using fluorescence and polarized diagnostic imaging equipment – including a UV photo documentation of sub-surface skin conditions-this data will allow the therapist to measure accurately the clients’ progression and results throughout the ensuing in -salon programmes.
  • Will establish the cause of the client’s skin concern in their consultation, and then relate the cause to the cells and systems that have been affected.
  • Will establish the basic majority skin type and present the client with the home care protocols necessary to maintain healthy skin.
  • Will establish the client’s sun sensitivity. This will allow us to understand the skins’ susceptibility to pigmentation, and develop guidelines for protecting the skin.
  • Will prescribe a 6-12 month treatment program to improve all clients’ skin.

By combining with OBSERV data and your consultation skills you will develop a customized skin health program based on this information. It will include a home skin care regimen, salon treatments with nutritional and lifestyle choices best suited to the skin’s particular needs. Add in a 3 month follow-up skin analysis using the same methodology and you will be professionally “beaming” as you evaluate the effectiveness of the skin care protocol you recommended to the client.
Results driven regimes ensure a win-win outcome for both parties.

Enjoy this testimonial from Robyn McAlpine of

“I have been using the OBSERV 520 in my skin therapy clinic for coming up to two years and can no longer remember what our skin consultations were like prior to this.
It has become an invaluable tool in educating our clients about their skin. Not only does it give us, as therapists ,an insight into underlying skin conditions and allow us to read deeper into our clients skin, it also provides a visual for our clients helping them to see what we see.
A client who is armed with the knowledge of where their skin is heading is a client who is able to make an informed decision about their skin journey.

My team is staffed by exceptional skin therapists and the OBSERV 520 gives them an ever greater understanding of our client’s needs. Detailed and well recorded before and after images help to keep us accountable and make sure that we are constantly delivering a high level of skin care. Progress cannot be denied when you have such consistent images from treatment to treatment.”

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Article writtenfor you by Margaret Walsh – OBSERV