NZ Beauty – February 2018 – Wish and Plan to Succeed

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan “. Eleanor Roosevelt

Say “YES” to walk a pathway of success in 2018.

Written by Margaret Walsh.

Come on New Zealand let’s do some wishing and planning this February.

The Wish section; Why do you have a business? How can you make your job more enjoyable? What work dreams do I want to achieve this year? What educational upskilling do I wish to add to my skill-box this year? Why do you want to have a business? What will your business look -like as an award-winning clinic? Who will be on your team? Do you want to be a leader or a dynamic team member? How will you change skin in your community? How do you perceive your self as a Leader and salon owner ? How do you want to feel in your soul as you grow your clinic? Do I like large salons or smaller clinics to work in /or own? Do I wish to own my own building that my business operates from? Do I wish to focus on the structure and physiology of Skin and become a corneotherapist? Do I want to be a Supplier to Industry? Do I want to be a Tutor in Industry? Do I want to be the best Beauty Therapist in New Zealand? Do I want to become an exceptional Beauty industry blogger… and many more wishes will follow in your mind.

These heart centred questions need to been understood, discussed and then answered and written down.

The Planning centre; At this point we can engage our thinking brain to design a “Strategy to Achieve the dream” that we wished for in the above section. This is where we make a conscious effort to intensely focus on the details of the dream.

Your strategies need to include plans across many and varied areas of expertise; Here are some of these arenas, I have begun the expansion process within three arenas to guide you;

  • Human Resources; People Skills, team building, agreement writing, setting performance indicators and monitoring and giving feedback weekly, personal grievance policy,staff meetings and agendas, uniforms ,annual leave and holiday and statutory payments, personal hygiene ,car parking, educational programmes and setting the working culture and values.
  • Financial Planning; Plan to work with your accountant to set parameters around balancing dollar input with dollar output and tax obligations. Cost out your salon hour /minute with your accountant of business coach and create your clinic service menu to reflect the financial needs of your particular business. Salary and wage structures you can afford and the relevant of these to salon hour costings and your service menu creation and pricing.
  • Legal Knowledge that underpins your staff and supplier agreements, monetary transactions, and salary and wage and tax obligations plus this legality plays a key role in your human resource section. Read and carefully sign the contracts of your staff and suppliers and ensure you are connecting with people and other businesses that enhance your business name and practice.
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Council Practice Guidelines.
  • Education; Ongoing for yourself, your staff, your clients with seminars and VIP evenings and blogs and brochures.
  • Marketing- all platforms; from website to Instagram.
  • Protocols of service and treatment procedures written down in a manual.
  • Policies and Procedures including your professional philosophy and mission statement in a manual.
  • Stock Control
  • In- salon targets for sales and service levels ,incentives and in-salon promotions to be carefully planned as by law you are required to stay financially viable.

Identify your work priorities and schedule these tasks first to gain a sense of clarity and focus and to minimise anxiety. When you have a clear vision, achievable goals and smart protocols or guidelines you will;

  • Be happier at work
  • Be more in control
  • Your skill base extends
  • You jump into a business growth zone
  • You merge into zones that stretch your comfort level! woo hoo !
  • Your self-esteem will glow
  • Your self-belief sparkles
  • Your financial “bottom -line” becomes a viable and profitable upward arrow.

Hands-Up if you want some of this in 2018.

Do promise your selves not to settle for the same old routine drudgery- set yourselves new challenges, grab opportunities, invest in new skin analysis technology, enrol in on-line learning, book in for staff educational training ,read books on nutrition and  the biome of the gut and skin,  upskill – if you are “bored and tired”, then  your staff and your clients will sense this and follow you in your downward spiral. Why? because you are their Leader and leaders have responsibilities; both fiscal and pastural in nature. Remember this old Chinese leadership proverb; “The fish rots from the head down”! Call me if you are “bored and tired” for some ideas in 2018.

Innovation is key in 2018 ; within your staff development plan ,within your client communication arena, within industry education and the embracing of new technology in the skin analysis arena. Plan to ensure your goals are achievable and measurable and you action them.

Fortune Telling ; Do note that there is to be no section for fortune telling or assuming bad outcomes for future events in this article …Thinking how miserable you are or how stressed you are going to be is going to lead to feelings of  dread or despair !If you take your “Wish list ,and Plan to succeed” , noting the details in every section of a business you will , over time , succeed with the ingredients of dedication , passion , drive , ethics and professionalism. Your sustainable professional entity with fill your heart with pride and joy and fund the lifestyle you deserve.